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  • Interviewed By Kerry Lynn Cassidy.
    Host: Clark McClelland, ScO - Ground Test Astronaut For NASA & top secret clearance at the Kennedy Space Center. In 1992 Clark lost his job (and retirement) after 34 years of service after claiming to see (on a 27-inch TV monitor) an 8 to 9-foot tall alien in the cargo bay one of our space shuttles.
    Clark Mcclelland Delves into the origins of NAZIs, NASA, and about project paperclip. Clark McClelland Is a scientist that knew EX Nazi Aerospace Engineer Wernher Von Braun And learned a lot of the german arian society & the alien presence helping them in ruling the planet(or at-least turning it into a prison planet). He Says that Wernher had helped in making the NAZI Bell to go to Antarctica to build new berlin, an underground military base, staging the death of hitler and allowing ultimate control over the human population.
    ╔ NAZI Arians Are Related To Beings from Aldebaran.
    ╠ New World Order Space Program, Tall Alien Scientists From Aldebaran Working With Nasa.
    ╠ EX Nazi Aerospace Engineer Wernher Von Braun Works On The Nazi Bell, Admiral Bird & Project Paperclip.
    ╠ Neuschwabenland In the Antartic, Flying Saucers That Flew Over The White House During The Truman Administration.
    ╠ Bases On The The Moon & On Mars.
    ╚ Aldebaran & their agenda to take over the world has never.
    ⁞⁞Project Camelot⁞⁞ Kerry Lynn Cassidy is the CEO and co-Founder of Project Camelot. She is a documentary filmmaker and investigative reporter and in April 2006.
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    ⁞⁞Clark McClelland⁞⁞ The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure Paperback – 2006

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