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  • Have You Ever Wondered Why Aliens Abduct People? Or What Happens To The Abducted Humans While They Are On-Board A UFO? In this Exclusive Thirdphaseofmoon Full Documentary shot in full 1080p HD, We asked the Important Questions to Three Abductees, & Expert in ufology, Preston Dennett (mufon researcher of 25 years & author of 17 top-selling books on ufos). We released this Documentary for Free for you, the viewer to enjoy & to invoke those questions that provoke philosophical thought. Blake Cousins hosts this amazing movie & young Jack Graham investigates the incidents of Jacqueline, Dave, Rachel. Also, our very own special correspondent & associate producer, Dr. J Andy Ilias even chimes in. The stories are Amazing & if this phenomenon is true, then what does that say about humanity & what will happen? We hope you enjoy & we leave the verdict with you, the viewer. And if you want to hear more from these abductees, please tell us in the comments!
    The universe is so vast, yet we don’t see any alien civilizations. If they exist, where are they? It’s plausible that this civilization would want to keep the universe’s matter concentrated, so that each part would be in reach of the other parts, even after the universe’s expansion. But that would mean changing the trajectory of galaxies during this dormant period. That we don’t see anything like that makes it more likely that these aliens have local outposts throughout the universe, and we wouldn’t notice them until we broke their rules. But breaking their rules might be our last action as a species.
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